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Sapphire Blade Hair Transplantation

What is Sapphire Blade FUE Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss treatment and hair transplantation get more sophisticated every day with the developing technology. Combined with the development of new tools and instruments, hair transplantation operations have greatly improved and have become minimally invasive procedures. The impressive outcomes of FUE, one of the most common modern hair transplantation methods used today, can go one step further with the use of sapphire tools, called as ‘Sapphire Blade FUE Hair Transplantation’.

Don’t Compromise Comfort, Choose a Painless, Needle-Free Hair Transplant!

We will apply local anesthesia is applied to the donor region prior to follicle collection and to the recipient region prior to follicle transplantation. Local anesthesia injections take a while to numb the region.
It is natural for the patient to feel uncomfortable during the insertion of a needle.
With the help of special devices, it is now possible to apply anesthetics without needles or pain. These devices deliver anesthetic agents under the skin with a pressurized spray. Needle-free injection of subcutaneous anesthesia has a much faster onset of action than needles; therefore, the procedure becomes much more comfortable.
The liquid jet system provides the injection of anesthesia without using a needle, and the homogeneous spread translates into better efficacy as the agent can penetrate a larger area. This method is ideal for patients that are hesitant to have a hair transplant due to their fear of needles.
Sapphire Blade FUE replaces standard metal lancets with blades made from real sapphire, a precious stone, in creating recipient sites for hair transplantation. Sapphire Blade FUE is not a specific technique, but more of an innovative take on the classical FUE method. It aims to allow for even smaller incisions for hair follicles, which will accelerate healing and cause minimal scarring.
In Sapphire Blade FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), 0.6-0.8 mm hair follicles are individually extracted from the donor region using micro-tips that are attached to a micro-engine. The collected hair follicles are then placed into the created sites. The initial incisions directly impact the final angle, direction and frequency of the hair, which will translate into the final overall appearance of the hair. Therefore, creation of the recipient sites is the most important step for a successful operation.

Sapphire Blade FUE

Micro-incisions can now be made more precisely with the help of special sapphire blades. Hair follicles are placed into these incisions. Sharp, smooth and durable 1.0-1.5 mm sapphire tips make it possible to make more incisions within the same area, allowing for more hair follicles to be transplanted.
Some hair transplantation providers claim to implant 65-70 follicles per cm² which is supposed to create a natural look. However, it is not possible to make that many incisions per cm², even with a sapphire blade, mainly due to the angle and direction of the hair follicles. Attempting to transplant 65-70 grafts per cm² will make it impossible to obtain a natural angle and direction. Natural hair follicles extend from the scalp with a 40 to 45-degree angle. Transplanting excessive numbers of hair follicles at the expense of follicle direction will cause an appearance that is commonly known as a “grass head”.

Advantages of using Sapphire Blades instead of Metal Blades in FUE Hair Transplant:

• Sapphire blades cause less irritation during the creation of recipient sites due to the smooth surface, antibacterial quality, and physical properties – such as hardness, sharpness and durability. This results in reduced trauma and tissue damage.
• Sapphire Blade FUE makes it possible to transplant more follicles per unit area, making hair transplant an option for severe hair loss.
• Sapphire blades help obtain a thicker hair and a more natural outcome.
• It requires smaller amounts of subcutaneous fluid injections.
• Reduced edema translates into a more comfortable healing process.
• Post-operative healing is faster due to the smaller incisions, and most importantly, the skin will better integrate after the operation.

• The placement of hair follicles with a natural angle means that there is no possibility of changes in the hair, such as follicles coming off or changes in the growing direction of the hair.

When a service becomes widely known, people start to look for ‘quality-oriented excellence’ when seeking treatment. This has happened with hair transplantation services as well. FUE has been available since 2004 and is an internationally recognized hair transplantation technique. And now, it’s time to prioritize people’s expectations of quality and excellence. This brings us to Sapphire Blade FUE which combines quality and excellence in hair transplantation.

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