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Hair Transplantation Without Shaving the Head

Hair Transplantation Without Shaving the Head

Hair transplantation is the most common cosmetic procedure preferred by men. It is possible to perform hair transplantation with the unshaven FUE method that will not require you to have your hair trimmed prior to the operation.
Also, there is no need to shave the entire head when only treating specific hairless regions such as around the widow’s peak. It is possible to transplant hair without shaving the head if the amount of hair will not get in the way of the operation.

What is the difference between unshaven hair transplantation and shaved hair transplantation?

Men generally prefer not to shave their head prior to transplantation. For shaved hair transplant, the patient will need to get a ‘number one’ haircut. Shaved FUE is more adequate for extensive hair transplants (3000-5000 hair follicles), especially if the top of the scalp is completely bald.
Unshaven FUE is a viable option for smaller areas with thin hair. This method is also preferred by women.

What happens after unshaven hair transplantation?

The procedure that follows unshaven FUE is similar to the other hair transplantation methods. It is important for you to follow the recommendations of your physician. Your hair will start to grow in 3 months, which will accelerate after 6 months. After one year, the hair will assume its final form.
The transplanted and fully-grown hair can be shaped as desired.

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