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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to hair loss and balding that includes a microsurgery that is performed in a hospital setting. Microsurgical operations make it possible to perform hair transplantation with minimal surgical intervention.
Hair transplant operation is an effective and permanent solution for male-pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This procedure can also effectively treat hair loss caused by scarring or various hair diseases.

You Have Decided for a Hair Transplant. Now What?
Here are the stages of the hair transplant process:

• Reception
The day that you arrive to the hospital for your hair transplantation, our specialists and a patient representative will greet you.
• Blood Tests
We will retrieve a blood sample through a vessel in your arm. We will then run several blood tests using state-of-the-art medical devices.
• Examination and Planning of the Treatment
The hair transplant specialist will analyze your hair to determine the number and location of hair follicles that will be transplanted to obtain a natural hairline. This stage also includes the evaluation of your blood test results by our specialist.
• Shaving the Head
If your examination provides favorable results, your hair will be shaved, and you will be referred to the hair transplantation unit.
• Local Anesthesia
A specialist doctor will apply local anesthesia to the donor region.
• Hair Follicle Collection
A special fluid will be injected to the anesthetized donor region. This fluid will cause swelling which will lead to the hair follicles to be released. The FUE engine will then be able to retrieve the maximum number of follicles. The retrieved hair follicles will be divided into groups of follicles with single, double or multiple hair fibers, and kept in a special solution. After all required hair follicles are obtained, the donor region will be cleaned and closed with medical dressing. This dressing is specifically developed to improve and accelerate the healing process.
• Creation of the Recipient Sites
This step consists of opening slots for the placement of hair follicles. The main determining factors in creation of recipient sites are the number of collected follicles and the required direction of hair growth. The main objective is to achieve a natural-looking hairline.
• Placement of the Grafts
Hair follicles with single, double or multiple hair fibers are placed to the opened sites according to the treatment plan. The patient will not feel any pain during the entire procedure. The hair graft placement is the final step of the hair transplantation procedure.
• Consultation
After the hair transplant, the patient will be provided with information about required medication and other points of consideration both verbally and in writing, together with a general evaluation of the treatment process.

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