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Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and Mustache Transplant

Scalp hair can be transplanted to areas where the hair is absent or thin.
It is important to utilize hair from the nape. As in regular hair transplant, it is essential to carefully determine the direction of the follicles. An important detail in this context is the natural curvy structure of beard hair and the change of moustache direction towards the midline. The angle of the hair is 5-10 degrees, as in eyebrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men that cannot grow facial hair benefit from this treatment?
It is possible to apply this treatment to people who have zero facial hair.
The color of the skin does not affect the treatment process in any way. However, it is important to do a thorough examination of people whose hair and beard have significantly different colors. The purpose of this is to be able to advise the patient about the possible outcomes of the procedure.

• How is hair and mustache transplantation performed?
It is performed under local anesthesia in one session. The procedure takes approximately 4-5 hours and is completed without the patient feeling any pain. There may be some degree of scabbing the following day, this will quickly improve.
The transplanted hair will fall out within 15 days and the new hair will start to grow after 3 months. The transplanted facial hair will assume its final form in 6-8 months.

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